Lauren4Recovery – What you can become depends on what you can overcome

Submitted by Lauren Stahl on February 18th, 2014

There is no limit to the people we can become. Our whole lives lie ahead of us and nothing can stop us from accomplishing the goals, dreams, or visions we desire. Every experience that happens in our lives is one of opportunity and growth. What we overcome shapes the person we are today. And what we overcome gives us more insight into who we truly are. If we can overcome something, we can become anything. And all of us can overcome so now we get to become who we truly want to be.

I believe in each and every one of you!

Today’s Affirmations

I am not scared.

I am capable.

I have all that I need.

Sending love,


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Lauren4Recovery – Practicing Vulnerability

Submitted by Lauren Stahl on February 13th, 2014

Being vulnerable is something I must practice each day. I want to show my strength, my confidence, and my power. Somewhere along the way I picked up the message that being vulnerable is a sign of weakness. That others may not like me if I am vulnerable and raw and open. The reality is, this is far from the truth! Being vulnerable has proven to be one of the greatest gifts in the world. Vulnerability connects with me my true essence and my core. It allows for me to be who I am and hold nothing back.

I lived for so long trying to escape who I was and not embracing vulnerability and authenticity. By being the most honest version of myself I can connect. And this connection starts from within. I am able to see people as the imperfect beings that they are when I allow myself to be vulnerable. This is because I practice compassion and love and see myself as an imperfect being as well. When I focus so hard on being the strong and “perfect” from the outside individual my ego wants me to be, I am disconnected and living a superficial life that ultimately does not make me feel good.

Lauren4Recovery – If I can do anything, how do I choose?

Submitted by Lauren Stahl on February 12th, 2014

The choices are limitless. How wonderful is that. The life we get to create for ourselves is filled with infinite possibilities. It actually is a blessing when you think about it. We have the power of choice. The power of creation. I lose sight of this often. I can get so caught up in my own little world that I forget how big the world really is. When I connect back with the bigger picture and my purpose, I am back on track.

Choosing what you want to do is a work in progress and totally unique for every person. For years I thought I wanted to work on Wall Street and that was my dream career. A little over three years into that career, I resigned. It was not for me. I was in that career for all the wrong reasons. I had to take the statement ‘do anything’ to heart and understand where my passions and heart aligned with this statement. It is something that is constantly evolving for me and I think I just have to keep it simple. This means taking it slow and being gentle with myself. Each day I do what makes me feel happy and fulfilled. As long as I stay focused and on this path, it is not so much about making a choice but more about doing what I was put here to do.

Sending love,


Lauren4Recovery – Lacking motivation?

Submitted by Lauren Stahl on February 6th, 2014

I think we all can go to that place of lacking motivation. I know I certainly do from time to time. There are moments when I feel so empowered and alive and other moments where I can feel so overwhelmed and allow for the chaos of my mind and thoughts to take over. This is a natural part of the process. Life is not always rainbows and butterflies and unicorns. As much as I wish it were, this is quite far from the truth.

When I am lacking motivation I am alone in my head. What helps me to get out of this mindset is action. My program of recovery is one of action as well so this aligns well in my life. ‘WE’ is such a powerful word and one that I take for granted a lot of the time. When I reach out to another person or release the thoughts that are making me lack motivation, I feel so much better! Yet, I do find I have resistance to doing this at times. And when I see this resistance, I can ask myself, what is really going on? Why am I seeking comfort in the discomfort? I don’t have to do that anymore. This all takes practice, and again, it is progress not perfection.

Lauren4Recovery – SPARKITE & Letting go of perfection

Submitted by Lauren Stahl on January 26th, 2014

If you haven’t done so already, check out SPARKITE ( and sign up for one the accountability packages. I am witness to this truly working for people. Accountability and empowerment has helped me in my life and my recovery as well. Check it out and if you have any questions, email me directly at 10% discount using the promo code ‘ask4recovery’

How do I let go of perfection?

Perfection is exhausting. It is time consuming and energy draining. It also is an illusion and quite deceptive. There is no such thing as perfection. When I lived in the perfection mindset nothing was ever good enough. I wanted more, more, and more. It is a pursuit that left me pretty soulless and alone. At the core of it, I was not okay with myself. I expected perfection from myself and others and this left me feeling pretty separate.

There is such beauty in the imperfections. In the flaws. It is what makes each of us unique and able to write and create our own stories. The more I began to see myself as imperfect, the more I began to see others as imperfect. And with this realization came compassion, love, patience, and even more gratitude. The pursuit of perfection for me is nothing more than lack of acceptance. And acceptance is the answer to everything for me today. So with this, I let go of perfection.

Sending love,


Lauren4Recovery – Build your own door

Submitted by Lauren Stahl on January 23rd, 2014

Life is all about opportunities. About experiences. About learning and growing. About trusting and believing that everything is happening exactly the way it is intended to. I don’t take my life for granted. I was given a second chance at life the moment I entered recovery. Not everyone was given this gift and I have to be appreciative and grateful.

We each have one life to live. I can choose to go through this life of mine by just going through the motions; same thing, different day. Or I can choose to create a life of my own design. To nurture myself and do the things that make me feel good. That make me useful and get me out of myself. To build my own door. That is ultimately what fulfills me and by walking along that path, I can build the doors I want and create the life I want for myself.

Sending love,


Lauren4Recovery – How do I get out of feeling terminally unique?

Submitted by Lauren Stahl on January 21st, 2014

Terminal uniqueness used to get the best of me. I thought I was the only one. The only one that felt sad, insecure, frustrated, or in pain. It is funny when I think about it now and how distorted my perception was. I am one of 7 billion people in this world and at the core of it; many of us are experiencing the same exact things. We are all imperfect individuals and unique in our own ways. The more I keep my thoughts and feelings to myself, the smaller my world becomes. And the smaller my world becomes, the more the terminal uniqueness perception likes to come in and play.

Connection has been vital in my experience. Connection not only to others, but also to myself and a power greater than me. That is what fills me and up and completes me. The terminal uniqueness separates me and keeps me distant. It all comes down to my attitude. I have to stay humble and not allow for the ego and pride to get the best of me. The more I do this, the more I am open to giving and receiving love and can continue on this path of spiritual and emotional fulfillment. One day at a time, I honor and trust myself. This leaves little room for feeling terminally unique.

Sending love,


Lauren4Recovery – How do I elevate myself to a higher version of self?

Submitted by Lauren Stahl on January 20th, 2014

Each day is a practice of bringing me to that higher version of self. That higher version that knows peace, knows serenity, knows gratitude. That higher self that is content and settled in the moment and is whole and complete just the way she is. This is a daily reprieve for me. And by doing this daily, I am able to elevate myself a little bit more. I am able to go deeper and more inward with myself. To discover myself. To let go of the old behaviors that still pop up at times.

My higher version of self is able to let go. Able to surrender. Able to taste freedom. Yet, there are moments where it is hard for me to tap into that self. I can still find the safety and comfort in controlling, yet that ends up backfiring in no time. I have the tools now. I know what to do and I practice elevating myself one moment at a time. The more I look at it this way, the less burdensome it is and the more hope and willingness I am able to instill in myself.  I can’t do any of this alone though. I have the help of my higher power and each of you. What a blessing.

Check out this song that helps me bring out my higher self:

Higher Love – James Vincent McMorrow

Sending love,


Lauren4Recovery – What is the best way to support someone in recovery?

Submitted by Lauren Stahl on January 15th, 2014

There is no right or wrong answer to this. Everyone supports in their own unique and special way. I am sitting here with my sister as I am writing this. One of the most beautiful, important, and inspirational people in my life. She has been with me through it all. Through the ups and downs. She has supported me in ways I never thought possible. She has shown me what unconditional love really is.

What has really worked for me in terms of support is communication. The people nearest and dearest to my heart know my truth, my story, and are there to support me and ultimately want happiness for me. They want me to continue on this journey of authenticity and love. These people don’t want to control me or tell me what to do. My recovery is my recovery. I take ownership and responsibility over it and I have the option of opening up about my experiences or not. Knowing that I am supported by my family and loved ones propels me forward. It truly is one of the most fulfilling feelings out there.

How do you support someone in recovery? What helps you stay on your path of recovery? Let us know and join the movement!

Sending love,


Lauren4Recovery – Focusing on the possibilities

Submitted by Lauren Stahl on January 14th, 2014

I lived for a long time focused on all my problems. I didn’t realize there was another way of living. I didn’t realize I had a choice. My problems defined me and thus my addictions defined me. I was disconnected from my truth and my core. I lived in a distorted reality where I was filled with fear. This fear manifested itself in many ways and all of these ways took me out of the present. Took me out of living my life the way I am intended to live it.

Then something happened. I was awakened in my life. I took some time for myself and began to get to know myself. I let go of my destructive way of living to focus on a way of living that provided me with possibilities. These possibilities gave me hope and opened me up to a new design for living. This design for living means I now focus on the solution. I focus on how I can be of service. How I can help another person and continue on this path of compassion and love. Each moment I have an opportunity at life. An opportunity to express myself and give love. This was blocked from me while I was living in the problem. Right now is a gift, that is why we call it the present.

Sending love,